Too Many Options

Have you ever had multiple options in life. For example, going to an ice cream shop, how many opportunities do you have? Have you thought about combining different flavors?

I know I have.

Sometimes in life, we are given too many options. Go left or right at the fork of the road. Sometimes it’s an intersection. Sometimes life is just a highway system. We get so quickly lost to the point we stop.  

I recently came across this in my personal life where I had so many doors opening up when I left my old insurance job.

So many places, I thought. I took the time to weigh the pros and cons of each situation, of each outcome, different combinations of part-time jobs, and the consequences of those jobs.

It got to be too much at times.  

Isn’t that the nature of anxiety? Being overwhelmed by the future happens to all of us. We get so focused on the outcomes we forget about the whole journey.  

And sometimes, because of that anxiety, we don’t even start that journey. I wanted to do God’s will, but I was afraid of making a mistake. I wanted everything to be perfect.  

And that’s not what God wanted. But, sometimes, God wants us to take that first step. 

Like Saint Peter.  

Didn’t the Lord call out to Peter to walk on water? Sure, we chuckle at his lack of faith. Didn’t he get scared and start to sink into the water.

“Why did you doubt?” Jesus asked him

Yet, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesus was delighted that Peter made that first decision. Peter decided to come out of the boat and walk on the water.  

If that isn’t courage, if that isn’t faith, I don’t know what is.  

It was when he paid attention to his surroundings that he got overwhelmed.  

Reflecting upon Saint Peter’s walk on the sea, I find a little quote from Saint Joan pop into my mind.  

“Act, and God will act.”  

We can see that in St. Peter’s actions. Sometimes, God is asking us to make that first step. Sometimes we can walk, heck, even run on the water.  

Yet as soon as we focus on outside matters and focus on the future, we get so overwhelmed, and we start to sink.  

So my friends, take that first step. And if you start to flounder, remember, God is watching over you. He will offer you that hand. Have that faith.  

More so, be proud you made that first step, to begin with. The Lord will make the path clear as you go.  

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