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Welcome to Returning to Catholicism! Here you will find posts on Catholic spirituality and coming to know God.

Expect posts on Saints, spiritual growth, and even some history.

I want to inspires others to grow and to become the best version that God is calling them to be!

Latest from the Blog

Saint Joan Meditation: Courage

I have been reading a book on St. Joan’s of Arc life, not as a martyr, but rather as a mystic, who died a martyr’s death. I find myself quite puzzled by Joan’s early life reading this book. In particular, the events at the small French fortress town of Vaucouleurs. She was led to this…

Saint Joan Meditation: Christmas

Hello dear readers! I wanted to write something that I’ve been meditating on the past couple of days. I tried to focus on one particular virtue with Saint Joan, but to be honest, there are too many with this reflection. Whether that’s boldly proclaiming the Lord, suffering patiently, or even forgiveness, so I will leave…

Saint Joan Meditation: Self-Restraint

Hello dear reader, I am doing something new—some meditations on some of the different virtues of Saint Joan and Saint Therese.That being said, this mediation will be on Saint Joan’s virtue of self-restraint cause, oh my, I think we could learn something, including myself, on this topic. The first virtue we will be taking a…

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