Finding God in Little Things.

My dear readers, I had an exciting experience I wanted to share with you. I guess you could say it was in a key series of events of finding God in the most simple of things.  

I’ve been reading a book, the Genesee Diary. A priest goes to a Cisterian monastery in upstate New York for several months, living like the monks.  

It focused on tackling some deep spiritual questions, which I would like to explore in a future post. 

However, one thing that consistently stuck out to me was how the author was able to find God in the smallest of things.  

I guess I had that same running with God.  

It starts with a Rose.

Now before we get started, I realize you could say it’s just a coincidence. You could be correct, but I don’t think that is the case. Everything was so just perfect. 

As you might know, I have a deep devotion to Mary, St. Therese, and St. Joan… Well, I think the Lord wanted to shake me up a little and let me know He cares about what all is going on. On top of that, the Heavenly trio of Mary, St. Therese, and St. Joan were all together plotting a most delightful surprise. 

It all started with a rose.

See, I’ve been stressed the past couple of days. A new school year, and I’m not sure what is going to happen down the road. Let alone my vocation—student loan debt, financials, just so much in the air.  

Last week, I went to do a Holy hour after doing some work. After that, I usually go in to do my rosary, and that’s when I noticed something.

By a statue of our Divine Mercy Jesus was a single little vase with a fresh crimson red rose that sat on a solid emerald green stem. 

I was so captivated by this rose. It struck me. The Little Flower, Saint Therese, sent me a little message. Almost like, “Hey, I want you to know that I’m listening, so is God.”  

Staring at the rose, I couldn’t help but smile. I felt reassured. When was the last time you felt reassured by something simple yet so beautiful? One single rose made me feel that I was indeed being looked after.  

Yet, that was only the beginning.

Red to Orange

Later that day, I heard that my brother needed help with taking care of his cat—a slight hassle due to him living about an hour and a half away.  

That was when my mother suggested attending mass at Saint Joan of Arc. It never even dawned on me. How could I say no…

Why would I say no?

Armed with a game plan for the weekend, I was excited.  

That was when my father expressed interest in getting into the habit/ or attempting to pray the rosary. 

He asked if I could get our local priest to bless a rosary. Another blessing, I must admit. Our Lady was looking down at our family.  

So I attend Saturday evening Mass, and walking into my church, I see our little statue of Mary that is pulled out only for her special feast days.  

It was the day of her assumption, and I didn’t even know. I was getting my father’s rosary blessed on her Assumption into Heaven. Like how is that not a coincidence?  

I can see her cracking a smile right now.   

I’m thinking to myself, “Lord, you are too good to me right now…”  

Well, He wasn’t done either. 

So after talking to my priest about a whole lot of everything, I got in line for confession. I noticed a parishioner replace the vase with the red rose, and to be honest, I felt a little sad.

It was taking away a gift. Well… she came back with a brand new rose, a stunning orange rose. “Alright, Saint Therese, you’re sending me a lot of hints with Mary and St. Joan…”  

So I make my confession and come out, and I notice my parents coming into the church right as I step out of the door. So I sit down beside them, and they tell me there is a huge rainbow outside. 

I can’t help but laugh.  

The last major thing was attending Mass at my patron saint’s church. I walked in, and a single thought burst into my mind like someone kicking down the door.  

“Welcome home.”  

On the same day of Mary’s assumption in Heaven. The Lord was not holding anything back. While I don’t go out of my way looking for things, I can’t help but notice these things. It was coming perfectly together.

After that Mass, I went up to the statue of Saint Joan of Arc who was looking up to Mary and said, 

“Thank you. Thank all of you for everything. Thank you for helping me see God in the smallest of gifts.”  

It’s true what Saint Augustine said.  

“If you want to see God, you have the means to do so.”

I also wanted to advise my dear readers that if you wish to support, I do have Patreon now where I have some exclusive content about history and other topics. Any contributions are welcomed. Right here

God Bless all of you! May St. Therese bless you with a rose!

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