Who Am I?

My nephew and I after his Baptism!


My name is Edwin Wilkinson! I am a geek, nerd, historian, inspiring author, writer, and devout Catholic. I graduated form Shippensburg University with B.S. in History and with a 7th-12th grade Teaching Certificate. That wasn’t enough for me though. I also earned my Master’s in Applied History, most of my time and energy being spent on Antebellum and Civil War History.

Here on this blog, you will find historical and religious postings on ideas, the saints, and well… God. Most of writing will be influenced by the Royal Hearts of France spirituality. This traditional Roman Catholic spirituality combines both Saint Therese and Saint Joan teachings and way of viewing the world. These two saintly sisters, I proudly proclaim are my patron saints, and I feel called to share their stories with a broader audience. It is my hope, that even if you are not Catholic, that these two giants of spirituality will aid you in whatever stage of life you’re in.

They have many lessons to teach us, we have only to listen.

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