I write this on St. Therese’s Feast Day. So many ideas I wish to express in my heart to you, my dear reader. Yet, I feel I am called to focus on one idea. Simplicity.

Saint Therese wasn’t a great saint because she discovered the “Little Way.” Saint Therese wasn’t a great saint because of her scholarly mind. Nor did she lead armies or nations.  

She was a simple young woman who lived a simple life. And that’s what we are called to do. So the Little Way of being a child of God isn’t about getting in a mindset. It isn’t about doing wondrous works.  

It’s about being simple. God loves simple.  

How often do we overcomplicate our lives with schedules, to-do lists, agendas? How often do we create complex ideas that simple matters are complicated? I mean, look at governments passing laws, 1,000-page laws of needlessly complicated nonsense.

Now, I will admit, sometimes we do need these things to explain things. Sometimes, people need to understand complicated ideas; thus, we create rules and guides.

However, St. Therese offers us the “Little Way” of simplicity. What is at the heart of simplicity?

It is stripping yourself of things that don’t help or challenge you to grow in appreciation of what is true, beautiful, and good. Our lives are bombarded with constant streams of information. Unfortunately, we become so habituated to the information that we lose sight of what is true, beautiful, and good.

When was the last time that you picked up a book to read something that truly inspired you to be better? How often do we have our faces buried in cellphone screens or binging t.v? When was the last time you just took a few minutes to appreciate where you were?  

Simplicity is stripping ourselves of those things that are in front of us. Simplicity is about removing the blinders that prevent us from being in the present moment with our Lord.  

More so, simplicity is finding God in the smallest of things. Whether that in the scenic countryside, the lush forest, or even in the hustle and bustle of the city.  

To simplify our lives, we must find God in the smallest of things, even good and bad times, and thank Him for it. Saint Therese was a great saint. Her mind was so illuminated by the Holy Spirit, not through her scholarly knowledge but her simplicity.  

She was able to see God in the smallest of things. From roses to dandelions. From grand celebrations to terrible anguish, she thanked God for everything.  

Lastly, to grow in simplicity, we must act on that simplicity. 

It is that genuine simplicity that she came to realize that converts souls. By doing something out of pure and honest love, you many souls. Maybe your neighbor or someone halfway around the world. God uses that simple love we have others to convert others.  

We aren’t called to make grand displays of devotion (though, sometimes those are always nice). Instead, we are called to do the laundry, help out around the house, give a word of kindness, even hug someone, and make or buy dinner out of love.  

Do what you do, not out of duty, but out of love. 

As Saint Therese said, “Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.” That is the nature of simplicity. 

I wanted to wish you all a happy St. Therese Feast Day! May Saint Therese pray for you and your loved ones and bless you with heavenly roses!

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