The Saints

Have you ever wondered what life will be like after this life?  If you’re atheist, well… maybe for you, that isn’t necessarily a concern to you. But, if you’re interested in learning about the Saints, please stick around! We would love to have you!

Maybe you’re from a different faith or a different denomination, and that is alright! I welcome you to stay and learn who these saintly…  figures are.. (I have no shame for that.)

Maybe you’re returning to the Catholic faith, or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about our Heavenly siblings.  

I encourage you to take a moment, put down the phone, pause the t.v., and maybe turn off Spotify, and contemplate the wise ancestors that came before us.  

The Saints- Who are they?

Well, that’s a straightforward question. It’s a bit ironic because the most simple of things turn out to be the most complex.  It’s everyone in Heaven.  The moment you enter into Heaven, the eternal abode, you win the crown, you won the race, that’s it, you’re done. 

Questioned answered.


No, it’s not that simple.  

See, when Catholics refer to a particular person in Heaven, we call them a “Saint,” which simply means that the Catholic Church, without a doubt, recognizes that this person is in Heaven and has made it known through miracles.

What do I mean?

What do they do?

There is one particular Saint, a dear young woman, whom I love very dearly, Saint Therese, also affectionately known as the Little Flower.  She was a giant, for being a young, little woman, who passed away unfortunately at the age of twenty-four. This Little Flower made her intentions perfectly known before she died.

“When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens, I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth.”

St Therese

Oh, how did she hold up to that promise!  Little Therese is recognized as the patroness of missions (those who go out and spread the Word) and florists. How fitting!  

However! I encourage all Catholics to have a devotion to her.  For her, prayers are very, VERY effective.  To be honest, it was through her I was introduced to Joan of Arc. I write that with a knowing smile, “You clever little Saint…” 

See, the Saints hear our prayers, and they pray with us! They care for us. They are the perfect family members we never knew we had. For when St. Therese hears your prayers, you’re going to get answered one way another.

St. Therese

But why? But how?

That’s the mystery behind it. We don’t know. I heard a beautiful phrase from a priest.

“Saint Therese’s prayers are answered because she denied nothing for the Lord. Now, the Lord denies nothing from her.”

That’s a mystery in of itself. It seems, the more perfectly the Saints are conformed to the Lord, the more powerful their prayers are in Heaven.  While this is just an idea and theory, and I do not say it as Dogma, it makes sense.

According to Catholic tradition, the most perfectly conformed human was Mary, the Mother of God, because she was perfectly united to God’s Will through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And if the fourth commandment is to honor your Father and Mother, do you think Jesus would disobey his own mother?  

Why else?  Why else should we care who the saints are?

Well… they were human!  They faced the same challenges that we face today!  There is a saint for everything!  Some struggled with anxiety and depression. Others faced persecution, oppression, and violence.  Some loved nature, others stuck to their books.  

But they set good examples for us to follow.  Think of them as role models to achieving heavenly success.  They offer us practical advice through their actions, words, and writing.  We would be silly to ignore the examples they set for us.

Yet, I want to stress this last part. The Saints want to be our friends!  We can just talk to them.  I don’t even know how many times I just spoke Joan of Arc as I speak to an average person.  And sure… they might not answer in traditional ways, but they certainly talk back if you pay close attention.

Maybe it’s a sudden idea. Perhaps it’s an itch or strange thought. It might be someone said the right word at the right moment.  Trust me; you have friends upstairs, and they are very eager to help.  You have only to ask.  

And who knows.

Maybe a Saint has already helped, and you didn’t even know!

I mean… come on… she’s offering you a rose. How can you say no to that?

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